Gourmet Flavored Coffee

Our gourmet flavored coffees are all made with all natural ingredients and have no sugar, no calories and no allergens. We have a wider variety of flavors and even offer our holiday flavors all year long. Each coffee is fresh roasted at just before it is shipped to you. If you are looking for decaf please visit our Decaf Flavored Coffee page.

Many people say that in this world, death and taxes are the only things that you can be certain of. But they should have added one more thing and that is people from all walks of life love their morning (or evening) cup of coffee. Although most gourmet flavored coffee products have a bitter aftertaste, the coffee industry has perfected the art of making coffee, so many coffee drinks today are less bitter, more robust in flavor, and has an aroma that is equaled by no other drink. But of course only the best of best would do for some people who call themselves coffee connoisseurs. And that is the reason why gourmet coffee was born. Because there is a demand for the best tasting coffees, many have risen to the challenge and created the most amazing gourmet flavored coffees.

But before people looked forward to drinking their flavored gourmet coffee, some were actually hesitant simply because of the word flavored. For a long time, coffee connoisseurs snubbed flavored coffees of any kind and stuck to their good old gourmet coffee. So in this day and age, if you are still among those people who are wary of flavored coffee, don not be! Because there is such a thing as flavored gourmet coffee, you know. And not only that, the mind blowing choices will send coffee lovers hearts a-flutter!

History of Flavored Gourmet Coffee

So how was gourmet coffee born in the first place? Well, you just have to thank the Arabs. Arab scholars observed and wrote in their journals that people, specifically workers, who drank the concoction made from roasted coffee beans were able to work for longer hours compared to people who did not drink coffee. After that, the rest, as they say, is history. But now, coffee consumption is an art form that is not just for people who love or need to stay up late. Hence we now have our so-called coffee connoisseurs who could differentiate a cup of gourmet coffee from a standard, bought from the nearest grocer kind just by taking a whiff.

Many people think that flavored coffees only became commonplace today. As a matter of fact, they are wrong! Long before the ubiquitous cup of coffee landed in the hands of Westerners, the Arabs and other Middle Easterners found a way to add much needed flavor to their morning cup of Joe. They added spices like cinnamon and cardamom and other kinds of natural flavorings. And then, when coffee arrived in western soil, they decided to add cream, sugar and sometimes even liquor pretty much the same as modern coffee drinkers. So, whether you started drinking coffee early in the game or just started recently, you got to admit, coffee is a really good drink right?

Different Kinds of Gourmet Flavored Coffee

First, there is French Vanilla. French Vanilla is different from good old vanilla simply because of the stronger taste and aroma. Many people think of French Vanilla coffee as the flavored gourmet coffee version of vanilla ice cream. And why is that? It is because of its perfectly creamy taste that matches any kind of food sort of like vanilla ice cream. Next in the popular list of gourmet flavored coffee is the reigning royal of gourmet flavored coffees which is the Hazelnut flavored coffee. Hazelnut coffee is very pleasing to the senses because the taste and scent is not overpowering. In fact, the nutty overtones just enhance the flavor of the coffee bean itself which makes Hazelnut coffee a worldwide favorite. Next in the list is Irish Cream flavored coffee. This kind of flavored gourmet coffee is not as well-known as the first two but for those who love Irish Cream, they would surely love this one. It has all the flavor of Irish Cream liquor without the actual alcoholic drink in your coffee. But not surprisingly, for those people who love their flavored coffees, Irish Cream flavored coffee is second in their list of favorite flavored coffees second only to the reigning queen of flavored coffees which is the hazelnut.

The following gourmet flavored coffees are pretty much considered as the dessert coffee kind. The reason for that is because all of these coffees have a sweet and rich taste that you could really consider as the finishing touch for an equally sumptuous meal. First in the list is crème brulee coffee. Many people love this coffee because it has all characteristics of a sweet treat but it still manages to stick to its roots and retain its robust coffee flavor. You will know that you have a cup of crème brulee coffee in your hands by taking a whiff. The aroma that a cup of crème brulee coffee produces is a mix of creamy milk chocolate, vanilla, and Arabica coffee beans. Another noteworthy dessert coffee is CocoLua flavored coffee. This kind of gourmet flavored coffee will bring back memories of tropical beach vacations and other random, fun, and carefree memories.

Gourmet Flavored Coffee, the perfect drink

When you buy gourmet flavored coffee, you have to make sure that it comes from a reputable source. This is to ensure that your morning cup of Joe will really deliver as promised. Gourmet flavored coffees are not exactly a rarity these days but finding the perfect one is still a hard task for some. But if the only thing that is keeping you from trying gourmet coffee is your reluctance to try flavored coffees of any kind, then why not buy gourmet coffees that have different flavors? Conduct a taste test for each flavor so that you will know which one strikes your fancy. Even the most discriminating of coffee connoisseurs found their favorite cup of flavored coffee through this method. So don not be hesitant if you want to buy gourmet coffee, why not, right?

Don not be afraid to venture out of your comfort zone. Think out of that parallelogram that you constructed yourself. Who knows, you could even start a coffee revolution simply because you want to buy gourmet flavored coffees for yourself and not for someone else.

The Decaf Gourmet Coffee Swiss Water Process

The Swiss Water Process (SWP) is a patented process for decaffeinating gourmet coffee that uses only water and the results in the best tasting decaf gourmet coffee. All of our decaf gourmet coffees are processed by the chemical free and all natural Swiss Water Process.

First, we start with the finest single origin coffee estate and gourmet coffee beans. The coffee beans are soaked and cleaned in water, saturated partially with coffee flavor solids, in preparation for caffeine extraction. Then, the coffee beans are immersed in the flavor-charged water.

The caffeine diffuses from the beans into the water. Since the concentration of flavor components in the bean and in the water are the same, the flavor is intact and only the caffeine is removed. The water is then sent through a carbon filter trapping the caffeine. Then the caffeine-free, flavor-charged is back to soak the gourmet coffee beans again to removing additional caffeine. This process lasts for approximately 8 hours which will leave the gourmet coffee beans 99.9% caffeine-free and the flavor of the gourmet coffee bean intact.

Following decaffeination, the trapped caffeine is removed from the carbon filter. The caffeine chemical has the paste consistency. The caffeine that has been removed is then sold to pharmaceutical and beverage companies. The now decaf gourmet coffee beans are then shipped back to Elevate Coffee ready to be roasted.

This chemical free and natural method using water ensures the high quality flavor and quality that is expected in a fine gourmet coffee. This method is more expensive than other traditional decaffeination processes but it is important to maintain a high quality standard in all of our decaf gourmet coffees. The end result is the best tasting decaffeinated coffee.

Our coffee bags have the Swiss Water Process label which designates that this is a decaf type of coffee.

Decaf Gourmet Coffee

Decaffeinated coffee has long been the bane of many a coffee purist's existence. Improved caffeine extraction techniques have allowed the much-prized flavor and aroma of coffee to be better preserved for the enjoyment of those who abstain from caffeine. The best gourmet coffee is made from the best Arabica beans. Robusta beans are never used because the flavor they impart lacks the rich smoothness that an Arabica coffee beans yields. Elevate only uses the very best Arabica beans for its decaf gourmet coffee. Only Arabica beans are used, and not Robusta, nor do we blend Arabica with Robusta, a practice which dilutes the quality of the coffee. The Arabica beans used by Elevate are grown in hot, dry areas at high altitudes in the regions of extinct volcanic mountains. The unique climate and terrain there results in a denser coffee bean that packs a real flavor punch compared to Robusta beans.

There is a wide variety of decaf gourmet coffee currently available, but some magic is beyond our ken to work; if you're looking to buy decaf gourmet coffees from the legendary Jamaican Blue Mountain region or Ethiopia to enjoy their rich flavor and aroma without the caffeine, then you're sadly out of luck. This is because Elevate extracts 99.9% of all the caffeine to make our decaf coffee, and the richness of the Jamaican and Ethiopian coffees are largely due to their caffeine content.

Purists often look askance at the mere mention of coffee without the caffeine, but it shouldn't be a matter of shame if you want to buy decaf gourmet coffees. Decaf gourmet coffees are an excellent option for the health-conscious or those who are unable to take caffeine to enjoy the taste of gourmet coffee without worrying about the side effects.

The Decaffeination Process of Gourmet Coffee

The decaffeination process that produces decaf gourmet coffee can be shrouded in mystery. The caffeine removal process takes place before the beans are roasted, using only green, unroasted coffee beans.

Commonly, the process by which caffeine is removed from green coffee beans is termed the European method. It involves the addition of a chemical solvent such as methylene chloride or ethyl acetate to green coffee beans soaking in water. This absorbs the caffeine in the coffee beans and solvent takes the caffeine along with it when it is rinsed away. The decaffeinated beans are then dried and roasted in the same manner as regular coffee beans. Decaf coffee produced this way is said to be more flavorful, but the use of chemicals, though efficient and cost effective, raises fears over its potential adverse side effects on health.

There is actually a much healthier decaffeination method available that is carried out extensively at Elevate. We use the Swiss water process that involves absolutely no chemicals at all. All we use is 100% pure Swiss water. With the Swiss water process, single estate and premium quality Elevate coffee beans are immersed in hot water that is charged with flavor to maintain the existing concentration of flavor in the beans.

Osmotic principles dictate the caffeine contained in the beans will then leach out into the flavor-charged water bath. This caffeinated water is then filtered through activated carbon which acts to trap the caffeine. The beans are prepared in this manner for up to 8 hours, following which they are dried and roasted to perfection, and only upon receiving your order. This process, while time consuming and more expensive than the European method, allows Elevate to bring you the most flavorful decaf gourmet coffees without the headache inducing presence of caffeine.

Contrary to popular belief, the Swiss water process absolutely does not result in the coffee beans losing their precious aromatic oils and volatile compounds. The care which we treat our coffee beans ensure that your coffee drinking experience won't be watered down, proving decaf naysayers wrong when they exhort you not to buy decaf gourmet coffees. After having taken all that trouble to source them, there really is no reason to treat our coffee beans in a slipshod manner. We take pride in using the best green unroasted coffee beans for all our coffees. Our single origin decaf coffees, available in flavored versions, conform to European standards of decaffeination that require 99.9% of caffeine to be removed.

Lest you think the extracted caffeine is discarded without a second thought, it is actually removed in its paste-like consistency and can be used by pharmaceutical and beverage companies to manufacture medication and beverages. It's certainly reassuring to know that caffeine extracted by the Swiss water process is guaranteed not to contain any harmful chemical residues!

Why Decaffeinated Gourmet Coffee?

Previously, it may not even have occurred to you to give decaffeinated coffee a try. The stimulating effect of coffee, both through its taste and aroma have firmly established its place in many lives. Even so, there are individuals who have been informed by their physicians that it is in their best interest to reduce, or even completely stop consuming coffee due to the detrimental health effects that can be brought on by caffeine. For some people, the idea of making the switch to decaf coffee is on par with quitting smoking.

Decaffeinated coffee has come a long way since its early days of being perceived as a substandard product. Thanks to improved caffeine extraction techniques, coffee without caffeine is available in as many forms as caffeinated coffee. For those who are unable to consume regular coffee due to medical reasons, decaf is a way for them to enjoy the deep rich flavor of gourmet coffee beloved by so many. The advances in caffeine extraction mean that coffee roaster no longer have to compromise on taste and aroma when it comes to decaffeinated coffee.

Is the worry about caffeine really as overblown as it seems? Well, from its initial beginnings as a daily wake-me-up drink in the mornings, coffee has evolved to take its place in modern society as a benchmark of taste, diligence and efficiency. Nothing describes a hard worker or aficionado better than the presence of a cup of hot, strong coffee. Bonds and relationships are formed and strengthened over a good cup of coffee. And yet, it has been demonstrated that caffeine disrupts sleep patterns, and has been known to have a hold as strong as an addiction in some individuals.

It should be possible to enjoy the smooth taste and sense of camaraderie that accompanies a coffee drinking session without worrying about the caffeine involved. This is especially true for the more senior among us or those who enjoy a post-dinner coffee. Decaffeinated coffee enables the taste of coffee to be enjoyed anytime, free of any negative side effects. With decaffeinated coffee, even people who are allergic or especially affected by caffeine have the chance to join in established social rituals and enjoy a good cup of decaf coffee.

What are Peaberry Coffee Beans?

Peaberry coffee beans are a unique coffee bean that have a much richer flavor. The peaberry beans are only in 5% of the crop that are manually removed from the rest of the coffee harvest. The flavor of the peaberry tends to be a finer quality than the rest of the crop and is desired by coffee connoisseurs around the world.

The coffee bean naturally splits into two within a pod with a flat side and a rounded bean shape on the other. The Peaberry coffee bean on the other hand has only one entire rounded bean in the pod and is easily distinguished from the rest of the beans.

Just like wine aficionados the coffee tasting experts know that peaberry coffee is the most exclusive and finest variety of coffee. This is gourmet coffee to the highest level. Estate gourmet coffees are one level but having a peaberry coffee from an estate is tasting coffee at its finest.

Peaberry Coffee

Peaberry coffee beans are considered the holy grail of coffee beans. Impossible to genetically engineer, the pea-shaped coffee beans make up only 5% of any coffee bean crop. The coffee brewed from peaberry coffee beans is rich and smooth in flavor with an intense aroma.

Normally, coffee beans are usually flat on one side and rounded on the other. A regular coffee bean grows together with its other half in one coffee cherry pod, resulting in its distinctive shape. Sometimes though, only one seed is fertilized and grows to fill the entire coffee cherry pod. This results in what is known as a peaberry coffee bean. The shape of the peaberry coffee beans, being round and shaped like peas, is the origin for its evocative name.

A peaberry coffee bean, also sometimes known as caracol/caracolillo, denoting "little snail" in the Spanish, is a relatively rare phenomenon resulting from the partial infertility of a coffee plant. On the other hand, some farmers believe it occurs when half of a white coffee flower is blown away in the wind before it begins to fruit. This tends to occur with flowers growing at the end of the branch. Peaberries are very rare fruit, only making up 3-5% of an entire harvest of coffee beans from any plantation.

While the term "peaberries" refers to the type of coffee bean that grows, peaberries, like regular coffee beans, offer varied flavors depending on the region in which they are cultivated. Other than being a rarity in the world of coffee, the intrigue of the peaberry lies in the fact that its smaller size often contains a flavor that is twice as robust as a normal coffee bean.

Elevate's Peaberry Coffees

The concentrated flavors of the peaberry are such that you can expect a highly intense experience when you buy Peaberry coffee. Elevate offers a range of the finest Peaberry coffees from all around the world to charm the palate of even the most discerning coffee aficionado.

Peaberry coffee beans from Costa Rica bring you an intensified rendition of Tarrazu coffee that is loved the world over for its rich flavor, piquant acidity and intriguing hints of sweetness and spice.

It is possible to improve on perfection when you buy Peaberry coffee sourced from the legendary Jamaican Blue Mountain region. Long considered the Rolls-Royce of coffees, Jamaican Blue Mountain is a synonym for quality and excellence. The peaberries from this rarest of coffees is a wonder to behold as its distinctive, almost chocolaty sweetness, full-bodied flavor, distinguished taste and deep aroma combine to bring you a coffee experience like no other.

From a country classically known as the producer of fine, aromatic coffee with a slight acidity and smooth overtones, Colombian Peaberry coffee ups the ante, promising an even richer cup that strikes the perfect balance between richness and smoothness. Colombia's finest possesses a smooth taste and light body whose balanced, fruity flavor makes it perfect for any occasion.

The rich soil, bright sunshine, frequent rain on Kona, Hawaii all contribute to the smooth, full-bodied flavor and rich aroma of Elevate's Kona peaberries. One of the richest tasting coffees in the world, its smooth, mellow flavor is unforgettable to all those who have had the pleasure of tasting it. In fact, this ambrosial coffee may even leave a connoisseur subsequently unable to enjoy any other variety of coffee.

Peaberry beans from Brazil are prized for their dark, sophisticated flavor and unique richness. Brazilian Peaberry carries hints of spice to go with its dark sweetness. Its complex aroma may be overwhelming to some, but it appreciated by most enthusiasts.

In the republic of Cameroon is a mountainous region named Boyo. One can expect a smooth, dark flavor with an unusual intense sweetness from coffee grown in the Boyo region, the essence of which is thought to be drawn from the soil in the region. Peaberry coffee grown in Boyo has a rich, full-bodied character that is drawn from the abundant Cameroonian sunshine, which allows the coffee berries to develop optimal levels of sugar very quickly.

El Salvador produces some of the best coffees in the world. Peaberries are hard to find there and stock is often rapidly depleted! If you were to buy Peaberry coffee, the variety from El Salvador could well be the one for you. Elevate's El Salvador Peaberry coffee promises to be full-bodied, delivering a smooth complex flavor accompanied by an intense aroma.

Tanzania has long been considered synonymous with Peaberry coffee. In fact, peaberry coffees, cultivated on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro, are often the only kind of coffee that is sold in specialty shops in the country! Tanzanian coffee has a nice acidic undertone, making it a good breakfast coffee, though it also serves to round out a good dinner when complemented with creamy liquor.

Coffee from Kenya is well known for its rich, well-balanced taste. This is further intensified with the peaberry selection available only at Elevate, yielding a drink that, amazingly, contains even more flavor and complexity in addition to its already fantastic taste.

Holy Grail of Coffee is Peaberry

Believe it or not, peaberry coffee beans previously were sorted out from regular coffee beans and discarded! It was believed they were inferior beans and therefore no good. Of course, we know differently now. The rare peaberries are carefully sorted ensure that beans of the best quality are selected. Peaberry coffees are considered the very finest coffees in the world, with some enthusiasts even going as far as to compare them with champagne.

The appeal of the peaberry lies in the fact that peaberries are thought to roast better than regular coffee beans. It is said that by virtue of their rounded shape, peaberries are heated more evenly during the roasting process. Additionally, the higher density of a peaberry is perceived to improve the transfer of heat during roasting. This produces a flavor that is mellower yet complex compared to a flat coffee bean.

The saying that good things come in small packages holds true when it comes to peaberry coffee beans. The flavor of a peaberry coffee bean is massively concentrated due to its much smaller size. Therefore, what connoisseurs can expect is twice the robustness when it comes to a enjoying a cup of Peaberry coffee. Even though this tiny berry packs quite a punch when it comes to taste, Peaberry coffees have a much lower acidity compared to regular coffee. This is attributed to the small size of the peaberry coffee bean.

Estate Coffee

What exactly is an Estate coffee? Estate coffees are considered among the best in the world. And why is that? Well, when you buy Estate coffee, you can be sure that the coffee beans came from just a single farm or estate and because the coffee beans are good enough by themselves, no other coffee beans from different farms or countries are added. So when you have a cup of Estate coffee in your hands, you can be sure that it is certainly the premium kind that certified coffee connoisseurs will lust over. So why not give yourself a gift even though there is not an occasion in particular? Or surprise a friend or loved one with a Happy Birthday card and give him or her a specially made and ordered coffee? He or she will surely love it.

Estate Coffees can be differentiated from other kinds of coffee not only through the kind of coffee beans it has but also through the flavor, scent, and the whole coffee drinking experience itself. Many people actually prefer this kind of coffee simply because the flavor is very unique and not manufactured as some would say. The experience that this kind of coffee provides is very different from drinking other gourmet coffees. It is sort of like comparing a high quality yet mass produced dress to a one of a kind couture gown. Simply put, these kinds of coffee are not just your ordinarily special coffees because they are just plain special, there is nothing ordinary about it, and that is a fact that coffee connoisseurs the world over will agree to.

Most estate coffees nowadays are made with the environment in mind. Many coffee farms try to use the traditional method which is called the shade grown method. So when you drink this kind of coffee, not only are you giving your taste buds a roller coaster ride, but you are helping the environment at the same time.

Different Kinds of Estate Coffee

Do you know your coffee? Well, if you do, you probably know that the Kopi Luwak coffee is the rarest, and most expensive in the world. This kind of coffee is definitely one of the most well-known coffees to date. When you buy this estate coffee, you can count yourself as one of the most serious coffee connoisseurs in the world. The whole appeal of this kind of coffee can partially be contributed to the process it goes through. Unlike other coffees, Kopi Luwak coffee goes through a different process altogether. A civet will be given a selection of the choicest beans and the civet will then choose to eat only the best among the best. After a few hours, the beans will be excreted, with the whole bean surprisingly still intact. These somewhat digested beans will then be roasted immediately, if there is an order that is. This coffee is really delicious and it has a somewhat syrupy texture.

After the Kopi Luwak, one of the most coveted kinds of coffee is the Blue Mountain Coffee. This kind of coffee is considered as the favorite gourmet-slash-estate coffee of coffee lovers everywhere. The price tag is not as hefty as the Kopi Luwak so that probably helps. However, this is not the kind of coffee that you can just buy at your nearest supermarket. But when you do buy estate coffee of this caliber, you will not regret it.

Another favorite among coffee circles is the much talked about coffee which is the Hawaiian Kona a very delicious coffee that has a full bodied flavor without the bitterness of regular coffees. It is one of the most popular kinds of coffee especially in the United States.

What Really Makes Super Premium Estate Coffee Special

When you buy Super Premium Estate Coffee, you can ensure that it is of high quality and that it is still fresh. Unlike commercially available gourmet coffees, Super Premium Estate Coffees are not exactly mass produced and most coffee farms or estates only sell their coffee products when there is a specific demand. And you can usually buy super premium estate coffees either by going to the coffee farm itself or if this is not possible, by phoning or emailing the coffee farm and placing an order.

Super Premium Estate Coffees are not just one of a kind they are also very delicious. Whether you are a coffee connoisseur or you just want to give a very special gift to a friend (a very lucky friend, indeed), then this is definitely the coffee of choice. Most coffee farm produced coffees that are sold today have unusual names the reason for this is because the trend is to use the name of the farm as the brand name instead of choosing to put the region name itself. This is a helpful fact when you are in the lookout for these kinds of specialty coffees. But some still go with the region name in order to avoid confusion in the coffee lover’s part just like in this website.

Super Premium Estate Coffees of any kind are usually full of flavor, character, and dare we say it, spunk. When compared to good old regular coffee, you can definitely see or rather, taste the difference. From the smell to the taste, you will see that there is a huge gap. So once you have sampled a cup of coffee of this caliber, you will never go back to drinking regular grocery-bought coffee and that is a fact.

Buy Super Premium Estate Coffees from Elevate Beverages. We offer Super Premium Estate Coffees for sale across the USA and Canada.